Top tips for viewers looking to secure a rental property.


February 9, 2023

Securing your dream property in Scotland can come with difficulty, especially with such high demands and low supply available in the current rental market.

Finding the right home can be a lengthy process and can cause a lot of stress and financial difficulty.  Especially if you’re unable to find the right property and you’re having to pay for short-term accommodation during this time.

However, there are ways to make this process easier and smoother.

We have the following tips to ensure you’re prepared and stress-free when finding your home:

Say no to virtual viewings.

While a virtual viewing may seem tempting, we would not recommend this.   Although it may seem like the quickest and easiest option, viewing a property in person is definitely more beneficial.  You will be able to determine the exact size; location, admire the interior, and spot any problems at first glance.   This means these issues can be resolved prior to your move-in and there will be no extra surprises when the tenancy commences, and you’ll be happy with what you’ve signed up for.

Make time and be on time

If you’re looking to successfully secure a property, you need to ensure to make time to attend to the viewings.
Most viewings take place during weekdays and the majority of letting agencies do not conduct weekend viewings.

Flexibility is a must and making a good impression counts.

Ensure to be on time when you’ve scheduled a viewing, be polite, and leave a good impression.
This shows the agent, you’re respectable, interested, and will look after the property well.

Sign up for alerts

Sign up for property alerts on property rental websites.  On the market, CityLets, and Rightmove have the option to register for property alerts.  Input the criteria you’re looking for and when a property becomes available on the market that meets your criteria, you would then be alerted straight away.

Once you receive this notification, ensure to call the agency as opposed to emailing.  Viewing slots are usually capped and go very quickly, therefore making a phone call directly to the agency gives you a better chance of securing a slot.

Gas or Electric Heating

Before viewing a property, determine what type of heating you would want in the property.  Most properties have either Gas Central Heating or Electric.  Some have standard/smart meters or Pre-payment top-up meters.  Pre-payment top-up meters allow you to control the amount of electricity/gas you use, however, this could come with higher costs.  Therefore, it’s best to decide what type of heating would suit you prior to enquiring/viewing as you need to consider these costs on top of the monthly rent.

Research the area

People often decide to apply for properties in areas they’re not familiar with.

They have not researched the area and were just attracted to the property due to the cost or the look.

However, we would recommend researching the area before noting your interest.  This would save you a lot of time as most people apply without knowing where the area is.  You should research exactly where it is, what public transport services are available, how far it would be to commute to, and what local amenities are around.

Budget and costs

Ensure to budget and know what you can afford financially before viewing a property.  With the cost of living going up, it’s important to know what costs you would incur.

We recommend checking the council tax band and having your rent and deposit ready before viewing.
Saving a few months’ rent would also be beneficial to prevent any financial worries.

Happy Viewers = Happy Agents!

We hope these tips can help you in securing your dream home.

Should you need any further advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Viewing!

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